Trinity Life Combined Arts Org.

Trinity Life Combined Arts Organization and Ministries Inc. (TLCAO) is a  501 (c) (3) Non Profit Combined Arts & Faith-Based Organization.

       TLCAO is headquartered in Oxford, AL. 36203 (USA)
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                TLCAO's internal departmental 
            structure is as follows:
MPAD- Music and Performing Arts Department (ICPA) (ICPAW). Responsible for the overall TLCAO music and performing arts operations, programs, resources, and opportunities.
. Responsible also for establishing an International Association of Christian Performing Artists & Writers (ICPA)(ICPAW), and an international Performing Arts Network (PAN).
The ICPA, also known as ICPAW is also open to the secular public communities.
The (ICPA) (ICPAW) is a member of the Christian Songwriters Network (CSN) 
Another Approach Music and Entertainment Group 
. Another Approach Music and Entertainment Group is TLCAO's inner organizational music and entertainment entity responsible for various music and performing arts related concert bookings, event coordination, and other associated business. Elements within this unit are:
Another Approach Publishing Company- independent BMI affiliated music publishing.
Another Approach Music Label (independent record label) 
The Performing Arts Network (PAN) is a TLCAO internal A&R type department responsible for music and performing arts related talent procurement, and management.
CCAD- Cultural/Creative Arts department  (CAN)
. Responsible for establishing and maintaining a Visual, Graphics, Theater & Drama, and Media arts department to include operations resources, and opportunities.
. Responsible for also establishing TLCAO's Cultural Arts Network (CAN). CAN is also open to the public communities.
IDS/CAMP- Martial Arts and Training Department (IDS/CAMP)
. Responsible for establishing and maintaining martial arts and fitness related programs, and other opportunities to include program operations.
. Responsible for also establishing an International Association of Christian and Secular/Commercial Martial Arts and Fitness Network practitioners (IDS/CAMP). IDS/CAMP is also open to the public and secular communities.
Alternative Health & Wellness Program Department (HCI)
. Responsible for establishing and maintaining natural health and wellness related programs and other health related opportunities.
TLCAO's Mentorship Programs-
.Responsible for establishing and maintaining quality mentorship programs for children, youth, teens, and adults.
TLCAO on occassion, also provides SPECIAL COMMUNITY BASED LITERACY PROGRAMS designed to provide assistance and tutoring to AT-RISK children, youth, and young adults in various basic skills educational programs such as reading, writing, and comprehension skills. TLCAO is also capable of coordinating various adult career skills certification programs.
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Thomas Van Dyke aka VAN DYKE
         VAN DYKE "Forever Called" 
Thomas Van Dyke
Executive Director
Trinity Life Combined Arts Organization (TLCAO) 501 (c) (3)
Licensed/Ordained Minister and Bishop
Region 3 UCFM
United Christian Faith Ministries (TN)
Trinity Life's Combined Arts Organization (TLCAO) is not confined behind 4 walls.
We are out in The Public reaching out. We do what MOST Ministries are afraid to do! We go, operate, and serve where MOST Ministries won't go!
    We are Forever Called to do this!!

        VAN DYKE & Forever Called "Live in Concert"
Click the below link to request for VAN DYKE & Forever Called to perform at your next event!
   VAN DYKE Live with Benny Anderson & The Drifters





             TLCAO's Tour Impact Performing Arts Teams

                 music & the performing arts teams
                        dance & mime teams
                               theater & drama teams
                                       cultural arts teams
                                              fine arts teams
                                                 martial arts & fitness teams
                  Executive Director Thomas Van Dyke
           6th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor



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 *We help support the outreach efforts of Trinity Life's Combined Arts Organization through compensated concerts, performance opportunities, love offerings, donations, and grants. 

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Trinity Life's Combined Arts Organization, (T.L.C.A.O.) is a 501 (c) (3) non profit  Organization.
** All donations, and contributions to Trinity Life Combined Arts Organization and Ministries Inc., are tax deductible.
We gratefully thank each business, organization, and individual for their past and present contributions.
Your contributions make a significant difference in the lives of many children, youth, teens, adults, and senior citizens.
The Bryan Law Firm LLC
PO Box 66
114 West 14th Street
Suite A
Anniston, Alabama 36201

Nunnallys Custom Framing
1014 Noble Street
Anniston, Alabama 36201
U-SAVE Auto Rental
Pee Wee Turner Motor's Inc.
512 S. Quintard Ave.
Anniston, AL 36201

WIG'S Wheels
1229 Noble Street
Anniston, Alabama 36201
Taqueria Y Tortilleria
229 Hameric Dr. East
Oxford, Alabama 36203
Hubbards Pianos and Music Store
12 Choccolocco St
Oxford, Alabama 36203
Slicks Custom Guitars
3531 Byum Leatherwood Rd.
Anniston, Alabama 36201

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